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 What the New Results Will Look Like

​When parents get results from the new statewide academic assessments, they will look very different from the results of the past.

Within a couple months of students taking the new online assessments, parents are expected to get printed copies of the results. Online reports may also be available.

These print-outs will include scores presented in a totally new way. Students will receive an overall score as well as placement on one of four tiers: "standard exceeded," "standard met," "standard nearly met," and "standard not met."

The new assessments are aligned with new, more rigorous content standards in English and math, raising the bar for all students and requiring a deeper understanding of key concepts.

Considering the increased rigor, it should not be surprising if fewer students score within the top tiers on the testing spectrum. This does not mean that students have fallen behind or learned less. It simply means that we're expecting more from them and aligning what's being taught in the classroom with what they will need to know and be able to do when entering college or the workforce.

The new assessments are fundamentally too different from the old exams to make any reliable comparisons between scores from previous assessments and new scores. Rather, this year's results will establish a baseline for the progress we expect students to make over time.

The results from these assessments are only one source of information we will be using to monitor student progress. Teachers will also gather other valuable information about each student's learning through classroom assessment and daily student work.

For more information about the assessments, visit the California Department of Education's CAASPP website.