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 Alpine District Gives Kudos to SDCOE Facilities Team

When the Alpine Union School District discovered that there were gas leaks at two campuses, experts from the San Diego County Office of Education were able to support district officials as they decided how to address the situation.

Lance Bidnick, school facilities planning coordinator with SDCOE, helped district administrators coordinate the repairs at Joan MacQueen Middle School and Shadow Hills Elementary School earlier this month. The work involved studying blueprints, digging holes, and examining gas lines.

Jennifer Nerat, business manager at Alpine Unified, called Bidnick a “lifesaver.”

“Having his expertise to rely on has enabled us to make well-informed decisions and given us some peace of mind as we have navigated through this,” she said.

Bidnick said he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help the district.

“They were largely on the right path themselves,” he said. “I think they just appreciated a little support in making the decisions.”