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 E3 Project Helps Schools Focus on Teacher Growth

Students across the county are benefiting from the work that 16 districts and local charter schools are doing to create more collaborative and growth-oriented evaluation systems for teachers.

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is spearheading this work as part of its Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation project, also known as E3.

The work has reached schools in urban, rural, and suburban areas educating students of all ages. This year, there are three new education organizations participating: two charter schools and a unified school district.

Ultimately, the goal is to boost student success by helping teachers to be their best in the classroom, said Chris Reising, executive director of Human Resources for SDCOE.

"The work is based on best practices locally, across the state, and nationwide for helping students succeed," Reising said.

As part of the two-year project, a team made up of teachers and administrators in each of the districts work together to move toward an evaluation system that is more growth-based and collaborative. The work is driven by a set of 15 research-based features that are key to effective evaluation systems. A coordinator with SDCOE works with the teams to identify which of those features are already part of their evaluation system and which need to be developed.

"It's an opportunity for teachers and management to collaborate on behalf of students," said Jill Tellier, who coordinates the project for SDCOE. "It's about including all of the stakeholders to create an effective and meaningful integrated professional growth system."

The work highlights that evaluation is a process, not a single event – it's a collaborative effort, not a checklist.

As part of the project, SDCOE facilitates six to eight full-day sessions with the district teams as well as monthly site-based meetings and ongoing technical assistance.

Partners on the project include the California Department of Education, American Institute of Research, WestEd, and the National Center for Great Teachers and Leaders.

Schools or districts interested in signing up for the project for the 2018-19 school year, can contact Jill Tellier, 858-571-7222 .