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 Getting to Know SDCOE: A Tech-Savvy Ambassador in North County

It's not his official title, but calling Jose Vallejo "NCREC Ambassador" isn't far-fetched.

It's a title that the technology center support technician would embrace. Vallejo is often the first San Diego County Office of Education employee that visitors encounter at the North County Regional Education Center in San Marcos. The County Office shares the facility with San Marcos Unified School District.

Vallejo, who's worked at NCREC since it opened in June 2006, handles all of the technology needs for anyone working at NCREC. But he's also the friendly provider of directions to interviews or workshops, arranger of meeting rooms, and more. If something's happening at NCREC — whether it's for the County Office or San Marcos Unified — Vallejo always knows about it and knows where people need to go. Oftentimes, he has the answer before a visitor finishes their question, directing them up the stairs or down the hall.

"People coming here may have never been here, they're anxious, maybe they've never presented here before, they may be first-timers and not accustomed to speaking in front of large group, and they're wondering if the technology is going to work," he said. "So, when they come here, if they're panicked and I'm panicked, it's going to make a giant mess of things. I try to instill confidence, stay calm so they can focus on what they have to do."

Vallejo sets up needed technology for NCREC communication labs, classrooms, and offices, including video conferencing for events such as the Teacher of the Year application workshop and professional learning gatherings. He'll ensure that a presenter's slides, projectors, or flash drives are ready to go, and he's also part of the webcast team.

Vallejo calls his job rewarding, adding that no one day is really like the other.

"It's unique. It's nice to be able to help people and to be there for them," he explained. "Every single day is different. I'm helping someone with directions, helping employees print, troubleshooting, maintenance and operations stuff, room arrangements."