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 Honor Veterans by Helping Them Get a Diploma

There are many ways to honor those who have served in the military this Veterans Day. One way for those who couldn't graduate from high school because of war is to help them get a diploma through the Operation Recognition program.

Operation Recognition is a statewide program that honors veterans and Japanese-Americans placed in internment camps during World War II. Veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are eligible.

Locally, it is organized by the San Diego County Office of Education. Since 2004, 11 people have received honorary diplomas from the San Diego County Board of Education as part of the program.

"It's an honor that we have this program to be able to recognize people who give so much to their country and lose part of their life, yet they can get something back that they still want these many years later," Board President Rick Shea said.

All veterans need to do is fill out this application form and provide proof of military service or internment to a relocation camp. Family members of deceased San Diego County residents may also apply for posthumous recognition.

Follow the links below for more information about some recent Operation Recognition honorees.


Operation Recognition Recipients from the San Diego County Office of Education 

World War II:

  • Ralph Sarmiento
  • Thomas Gravelle
  • Charles Lewis Richard (awarded posthumously)
  • Theodore Acosta
  • Roy Edward Shult
  • Alfred Silva
  • Kenneth Max Harwood

Korean War:

Vietnam War:

  • Joseph Farrell

Internment Camps: