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 SDCOE by the Numbers: A Look Back at 2016-17

​What was the San Diego County Office of Education up to in 2016-17?

Here are a few numbers that highlight some of the important work that goes into supporting more than 500,000 students in 42 school districts and educating some of the county's most vulnerable students through our own schools and programs.

  • Approximately 240 students graduated from Momentum Learning schools.
  • Momentum Learning schools held 33 exhibitions featuring student projects.
  • 10,810 students attended Cuyamaca Outdoor School.
  • Student Support Services prepared PASS AmeriCorps mentors at 29 schools.
  • Migrant Education served 6,138 students in San Diego and Orange counties.
  • Maintenance and Operations recycled more than 15 tons of scrap metal, wire, bottles, and cans as well as five tons of electronics.
  • Payroll audited and processed approximately 400,000 payments to more than 73,000 employees across the county.
  • Communications recognized more than 50 teachers and eight students through community partnerships.
  • Communications had 330 contacts with members of the media.
  • The Designated Subject Credentials team had 1,266 candidates in its program.
  • Human Resources received 4,261 applications and hired 133 employees.
  • Human Resources processed more than 1,100 position changes, including reports-to, department, and location updates.
  • Cybersecurity investigated more than 25 phishing emails received by more than 250 employees.
  • Cybersecurity offered 17 presentations for school districts and SDCOE employees.
  • Media and Communication Services produced 58 videos, 35 webcasts, and 29 on-location videos.
  • Accounts Payable processed 18,500 vouchers worth $57.1 million.
  • 8,209 people attended Learning and Leadership Services professional learning sessions.
  • District and School Improvement provided 6,600 administrative coaching hours.
  • District and School Improvement observed 269 classrooms on learning walks.
  • Curriculum and Instruction supported the creation of 18 new career pathways.
  • More than 800 students attended the Passport to Life expo Aug. 18.
  • Quality Preschool Initiative served 39 child care agencies and 51 family child care agencies.