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 Student Spotlight: Levi Naylor

The San Diego County Board of Education student representative for November was Levi Naylor, a junior at Momentum Learning’s Innovations Academy of Empowerment community school.

Not only was Levi excited about his opportunity to sit as a member of the board, but so were his classmates. Principal Joel Spengler arranged for a van to bring other students to see Levi in action at the dais.

“Levi shows great leadership, not only with peers but also in collaborating with staff to design learning experiences for students,” Spengler said.

Levi has been with Momentum Learning for two years. In that time, he says horticulture instructor Ron McCord has helped him the most by serving as a role model.

After graduating, Levi plans to attend UC Los Angeles and start a clothing company that will give back to the community with some of its profits.

Innovations Academy of Empowerment serves about 120 students from throughout North County in grades 7 through 12. The school opened in 2014. The educational program integrates blended learning, classroom instruction, and independent study. Elective classes include robotics, art, horticulture, and career planning.