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 Teachable Moment Tuesday Brings the Facts to Parents, Community

​What does "LCAP" stand for? How can I tell if my kid's school is a good one? What are districts doing to prepare students for jobs that don't yet exist?

A new video series produced by the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) aims to help answer those questions and others.

Teachable Moment videos are short explainers featuring subject matter experts from across SDCOE tackling hot topics in education. The segments are being released every other Tuesday on the SDCOE website as well as across SDCOE's social media feeds.

Counseling Coordinator Tracy Wilson explains in the first video how parents can find information on college scholarships. As the parent of a high school student who is going through this process, Wilson brings not only her professional expertise, but also empathy and warmth.

"Education can be really complicated," said Chief Communications Officer Music Watson. "There are always new things, like the California School Dashboard and evolving state standards. Then there are some evergreen topics that parents should know about but maybe haven't had the time or resources to explore."

iTV Cable 16 Writer/Producer Bill Britt concurs.

"When parents ask about the definition of an LCAP or how to judge the quality of a preschool, they don't want a lecture. They want simple, straightforward answers that are specific to San Diego County," he said. "My goal as a producer is to make sure the videos answer the questions and offer suggestions in 90 seconds or less, so parents can be on their way!"

That's why other videos include Student Mental Health and Well-Being Coordinator Mara Madrigal-Weiss talking about how parents can recognize and react to bullying, School Nursing Coordinator Jeanne Salvadori giving an overview of immunization requirements, and Early Education Programs and Services Executive Director Lucia Garay addressing how parents can find quality preschool options.