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 County Board of Education Declares May 09, 2018 “School Nurse Day in San Diego”

​The San Diego County Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution at its April 2018 meeting declaring today, May 9, School Nurse Day in San Diego. Resolution 2018-14 reads:

WHEREAS, children are our most valuable resource, and we must take whatever steps necessary to ensure their good health; and

WHEREAS, for young people to achieve academically they must enter the classroom each day ready to learn; and

WHEREAS, School Nurses play a significant role in this endeavor as diligent and conscientious advocates for all children, promoting wellness for students and staff, treating injuries and illnesses, controlling infectious diseases, conducting health screenings, assessments and referrals, managing the care at school for students with chronic medical and psychosocial conditions; and

WHEREAS, the care of our medically fragile students in the public schools requires the expertise and clinical skills of the school nurse to provide specialized health care procedures that use sophisticated medical equipment; and

WHEREAS, School Nurses are a valued support to administrators as trusted communicators with parents and teachers serving as a knowledgeable resource to address critical health topics within the educational setting; and

WHEREAS, School Nurses are members of school-based mental health teams; and

WHEREAS, May 9, 2018, is National School Nurse Day and recognizes the significant role school nurses play in improving the health, quality of life and educational development of students; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the San Diego County Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools hereby declare May 9, 2018, as School Nurse Day in San Diego, in recognition of these dedicated professionals and the outstanding work they perform on behalf of our county’s children.

The San Diego County Office of Education School Nursing Services Program Coordinator provides countywide school-nursing leadership, consultation, and direction for implementation and development of coordinated school health programs. Learn more about school nursing.