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 San Diego County Board of Education Resolution Marks Public Schools Month

​The San Diego County Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution at its April 2018 meeting endorsing April 2018 as Public Schools Month. Resolution 2018-15 reads:

WHEREAS, public schools provide hope and a vision to see students succeed in life, and are capable of transforming the trajectory of success for generations; and

WHEREAS, public schools are a critical place for students to develop the civic knowledge, skills, and values needed to effectively contribute to and participate in our democracy; and

WHEREAS, San Diego County is home to 783 public schools that educate more than 500,000 students across 42 school districts; and

WHEREAS, San Diego County schools are served by more than 22,000 teachers, who shape the future through the work they lead in the classroom; and

WHEREAS, the work of San Diego County’s 20,000-plus classified employees sets the scene for the teaching and learning that happens in classrooms across the county; and

WHEREAS, the San Diego County Office of Education – by focusing on equity, innovation, and career technical education – is uniquely positioned to help every child receive the supports and opportunities they need and deserve to achieve their fullest academic and social potential; and

WHEREAS, the California State Board of Education has historically declared April to be Public Schools Month in California; and

WHEREAS, Public Schools Month affords an excellent opportunity for all Californians to give special recognition to students, parents, teachers, classified staff, administrators, school volunteers, and school board members; and

WHEREAS, Public Schools Month impels us to call to the attention of the public the excellent work and success of California’s public schools; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the San Diego County Board of Education hereby proclaims April 2018 as Public Schools Month and encourages parents and citizens to visit their local schools.