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 Getting to Know SDCOE: Teacher Supports Infants Who Are Hard of Hearing

As a teacher with the HOPE Infant Family Support Program, Andrea Weeks connects with families in their homes to provide intervention services for young children who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Because of her passion for this work, she has been named the Early Education teacher of the year.

"Andrea is incredibly personable and easy to work with," said Sarah Davison, one of the parents Weeks supports. "You can tell that she genuinely enjoys her job and likes the kids she works with."

Weeks said she is honored to be invited into families' homes to share her knowledge as well as their journey.

"It brings me such joy to work with these families and for them to know they can count on me," she said. "I love being able to help them troubleshoot a hearing aid issue or to teach a new skill. I love celebrating with them when their child says a new word or sharing a tear when things don't go as planned."

Weeks is always willing to work with colleagues, too, said Cindy Jo Martinez, another teacher with the HOPE program.

Weeks has worked as an early interventionist with the HOPE program since 2010.