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 High School Students Can Win a New Laptop

The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), Coca-Cola, and SDCOE will award new laptops to 40 San Diego County high school students through their annual laptop scholarship contest. 

Students in grades 9 to 12 can submit a persuasive essay telling San Diego residents why they should use public transportation. Essays must be a minimum of 650 words and will be judged on four criteria. 

Submissions are due April 15. Click here for contest details and download an application here.

Entries will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Persuasiveness: The essay includes several arguments for choosing public transportation, and may include both qualitative and quantitative reasons.
  • Clarity: The essay flows logically, includes correct grammar and punctuation, and has a clear thesis and conclusion. 
  • Creativity: The essay may have a creative/catchy intro, and includes a variety of persuasive arguments. 
  • Meets Minimum Requirements: The essay will be a minimum of 750 words, and is submitted with a completed and signed application form.