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 Keynotes at Tech Academy to Focus on Learning, Innovation

Local educators will have a chance this summer to learn about inspiring deeper learning, leveraging technology, and fostering innovation from colleagues across the county, including three keynote speakers as part of a free two-day technology academy.  

Registration is open for the Technology Coaching Collective (CoCo) Academy organized by the San Diego County Office of Education's (SDCOE) Educational Technology team. 

They keynote speakers will include Dr. Patrick Gittisriboongul, chief innovation officer with SDCOE; Dr. Katie Martin, head of partnerships west at AltSchool; and Dr. Erin English, executive director of innovation with SDCOE.  

Dr. Gittisriboongul will present his vision for the impact of innovation in education for San Diego County. He believes that integrating technology into curriculum through innovative, inspiring, authentic, and meaningful learning opportunities is the way to prepare our students for a world not yet imagined. He has extensive experience as a school administrator and in the private sector. 

Dr. English has years of experience as a teacher and administrator, including leading an open educational resources initiative for local school districts and coaching district teams on digital conversions within the national Digital Promise endeavor. 

Dr. Martin will focus on the direct link between how teachers learn and teach, encompassing all levels of the school system. She has worked as a teacher, instructional coach, and leader of a teacher mentor program.  

The academy provides an opportunity for educators to network while learning new skills for coaching other teachers and integrating technology. All presenters at the academy are local educators. 

 "A strength of our academy is the opportunity to learn from others in the field who coach teachers, take risks with new concepts and technologies, and are growing their practice of authentic technology integration into the curriculum," said Dr. Michanne Hoctor-Thompson, coordinator with SDCOE's Educational Technology team. 

Participants at the academy will explore: 

  • Authentic technology integration 
  • Learner-centered coaching 
  • Designing and making within the curriculum 
  • Coaching models from around San Diego County   
  • Growing professional learning networks 

The summer academy will be from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. July 9 and 10 at SDCOE's main campus. 

The deadline to register is June 29, 2018.  

The academy is part of the Coaching Collective professional learning network organized by SDCOE's Educational Technology team. The quarterly meetings give participants a no-cost way to network, collaborate, share resources, and discuss challenges and successes. The collective includes technology integration specialists, teachers on special assignment, and leaders from districts across the county.