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 SDCOE Saving Money and Resources with Vehicle Partnership

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to upgrade its fleet while reducing its costs and carbon footprint.

Through the partnership, SDCOE expects to save $1.1 million while reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions by 30 percent over the next 10 years.

Enterprise is helping SDCOE replace its 120-vehicle fleet with new vehicles that offer the latest in safety and crash-avoidance technologies, such as electronic stability control and backup cameras. The County Office had been operating a fleet with an average age of well over 10 years. The new vehicles will require less maintenance overall. As a result, the average maintenance cost per vehicle is expected to drop more than 13 percent.

"Our partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management is not only saving taxpayer dollars, but also allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint and put our employees in newer vehicles with the latest safety features," said Bill Carpenter, senior director of maintenance and operations at SDCOE. "We plan to apply the considerable savings we realize on fleet costs to other pressing needs for our students and schools."

Enterprise has already delivered 20 new vehicles with at least a dozen more coming this summer. A total of 120 new vehicles will be cycled through the fleet over the next five years.

SDCOE employees use the vehicles – a combination of cargo vans and sedans – for travel between schools and other SDCOE facilities. SDCOE provides a variety of services to the 42 school districts, 124 charter schools and five community college districts in the county.

The partnership is part of a larger sustainability push led by SDCOE's Green Team. Other projects include a new solar power system, recycling program, and energy-efficient upgrades.

Enterprise uses local businesses to provide routine service and delivery of the vehicles. Once the vehicles have reached the optimum point in their lifecycle, Enterprise will apply its remarketing expertise to ensure that the County Office receives the highest possible resale value for its fleet.

"Our customized program allows the San Diego County Office of Education to focus on the important work they do for the county, while leaving the details of managing their fleet of vehicles to us," said Anna Lees, account manager for Enterprise Fleet Management in San Diego.