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 Scholarship Celebrates Bilingual Graduates

​Twenty-two San Diego County multilingual high school graduates were awarded the Bea Gonzales Biliteracy Scholarship last month. 

The scholarship named in honor of a former San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) employee is open to students countywide who obtain the Seal of Biliteracy from their school and district.

Each of these high-achieving students were recognized with a $1,000 scholarship through their academic merit and essays about their aspirations.

A ceremony last month at SDCOE celebrated these scholars, who among other languages spoken are fluent in Spanish, Arabic, and Serbian-Croatian.

"These incredible young people are incredible examples of how being biliterate and multilingual can be a powerful asset for learning and for life," said San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold.

The 2019 Scholarship Awardees are: 

  • Felipe Delgado, Crawford High School
  • Mikel Almith Luque, Madison High School
  • Jennifer Gonzalez, Orange Glen High School
  • Alonso López, Madison High School
  • Lili Gómez, Valley Center High School
  • Alyssa Lynn Williams, Grossmont High School
  • Tuqa Mohamed Wafi, El Cajon Valley High School
  • Mia Islas, Chula Vista Learning Community Charter
  • Derry Solano, Escondido High School
  • Guadalupe Ortega, Escondido High School
  • Jennifer López, Oceanside High School
  • Jacqueline Cruz Ramirez, Monte Vista High School
  • Farah Haleem, El Cajon High School
  • Mona Miraftab, San Pasqual High School
  • Angela Prvulovic, Sage Creek High School
  • Han Gia Hoang, Crawford High School
  • Vanessa Nuñez Gutierrez, El Cajon Valley High School
  • Dariana Gallardo Zapien, Chula Vista High School
  • Alejandra Guerrero, San Ysidro High School
  • Melissa Hernández, Granite Hills High School
  • Stefani Pérez-Espindola, Rancho Buena High School
  • Angela Méndez Chacón, Southwest High School

The scholarship namesake, Bea Gonzales, had a dream of quality education for bilingual students that has inspired several generations of educators. She began by serving children directly as a 2nd-grade teacher in South Bay Unified School District. She later supported teachers as a district bilingual coordinator and as director of the Bilingual Teacher Training Program at SDCOE. During her tenure at SDCOE, she prepared and coordinated professional development for teachers of students who are English learners.

For more information or to volunteer to be part of the Bea Gonzales Biliteracy Scholarship by emailing