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 Getting to Know SDCOE: Administrative Assistant Relishes Behind-the-Scenes Work

Kathy Bowman is always eager to help others and work behind-the-scenes to ensure that events and workshops at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) go off without a hitch.

That dedication is part of why she is SDCOE's Classified Employee of the Month for January.

"Kathy is always eager to support others and lend a hand wherever needed," said the science and artsVi coordinators Bowman supports.

Bowman said she takes pride in knowing that the behind-the-scenes work she does for conferences and workshops allows her managers to focus on better supporting teachers and administrators.

"I believe this trickles down to students when teachers bring what they have learned and experienced to their classrooms," she said. "Everybody wins!"

Bowman started at SDCOE about 10 years ago as a clerical substitute. She then spent six years in districts as a library technician before returning to SDCOE three years ago.

In her free time, Bowman enjoys watching cooking competition shows while cooking, spending time with her family, and practicing zentangle, a meditative drawing technique.