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 Community Meeting to Focus on Educational Equity

To help educators better support all students in San Diego County schools, the San Diego County Office of Education published the Equity Blueprint for Action, a guide created with community- and research-informed practices, actions, and recommendations specific to the American Indian, African American, and Latinx communities.  

While these three communities are specifically spotlighted, the Blueprint is also a guide to serve other historically marginalized groups including Asian American, Middle Eastern and North African, and LGBTQIA+ students as well as students with individualized education programs.   

Parents, community members, K-12 educators, and others interested in educational equity are welcome to a virtual community meeting to learn more about the document. The meeting will be from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Dec. 1; the link to join will be emailed after registering.  

“Reimagining schools is a collective effort, and this is our opportunity to act on research-based best practices and strategies offered by our communities to better support all students,” said Dr. Paul Gothold, San Diego County Superintendent of Schools. “Together, we can ensure high expectations for every student while showing respect and honor for the unique cultures and perspectives of our young people.” 

The Equity Blueprint for Action includes a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) tool for district and school leaders. This tool has on-the-ground actions that can be implemented in schools and classrooms that align to the state’s Local Control Funding Formula priorities – the building blocks of a local educational agency’s LCAP.  

To support educators in exploring the document and implementing the strategies, SDCOE has ongoing learning opportunities and a compendium website with resources set to be completed this year.

The Equity Blueprint for Action also aims to serve as a model for authentic stakeholder engagement, which includes both input and feedback from historically underserved populations.  

For the Equity Blueprint for Action, SDCOE received input from our advisory groups: the Equity Network with voices from stakeholders and community members including American Indian educators, scholars, and advocates; the African American Advisory Group facilitated in conjunction with the Association of African American Educators; and the Latinx Advisory Group led together with San Diego State University faculty. 

“I think the Blueprint speaks to the principle of that when we listen and celebrate what is both common and different in our cultures, in our languages, in our social historical context, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better organizations, or agencies, or schools,” said Dr. Alberto Ochoa, professor emeritus at San Diego State University, and a member of the SDCOE Latinx Advisory Group, which provided input and feedback on the Blueprint.  

He added that the Equity Blueprint for Action is a response to the culturally and linguistically diverse state and region and “promises to address the very complex issue of how do we close the achievement gap.” 

To download the document and learn more, visit the SDCOE Equity Blueprint for Action website.