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 "25 Most Remarkable Teens in San Diego" Nominations Open

​The 25 Most Remarkable Teens in San Diego program gives us an opportunity to recognize the many exceptional accomplishments of young people in our community; young people who are motivated and committed, who have talents and skills that inspire, or who have shown the courage to confront and overcome adversity.  Recognition by the community is integral to youth feeling valued.

The Most Remarkable Teens in San Diego is a countywide outreach project that shines a light on teens 13-19 years of age achieving distinction in 25 areas not traditionally recognized by conventional award programs. These are kids often left in the shadows while doing remarkable things. By recognizing young people as community assets and celebrating their efforts and accomplishments, the Remarkable Teens program reinforces a strength-based approach to healthy development. It rewards hard work and perseverance, and leads young people to believe that they can do whatever they put their mind to. In many cases, it promotes second chances by highlighting and applauding youth resiliency. 

Access the fillable nomination form on the Public Defender website. The deadline for submitting nominations is Sept. 21.

The awards are a program of the San Diego Public Defender. Public Defenders recognize the unique opportunity they have in offering prevention and early intervention programs that offset risk factors for teens. Youth programs offered by the Public Defender’s office aim to empower San Diego youth by building their capacity to adapt to challenging life experiences, and show them they can thrive under pressure, bounce back from setbacks and be successful – all without engaging in risky behaviors. Through continuing outreach and collaboration with schools, teachers and other leadership figures, the value of youth contributions countywide are highlighted in the Remarkable Teens program.

The 2021 award ceremony will be held at the Shiley Special Events Suite at the San Diego Central Library on Nov. 10. Elected officials will present the awards to the recipients in front of parents, nominators, friends and youth advocates. A reception will follow.