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 Honor a Champion for Educational Equity

The annual Lighthouse Award spotlights people in our schools, districts, and communities who are champions for educational equity. 

These honorees go above and beyond to be a beacon of hope and light for students and adults in a system that wasn’t built to meet the needs of each individual. 

The San Diego County Office of Education created the Lighthouse Awards to showcase the amazing people doing the work to lead others in diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

New this year is an award category for youth. The Student Equity Leadership award goes to an individual student or student group that advances diversity, equity, inclusion and has led meaningful and significant equity initiatives in their school community.

Nominations in all the categories are being accepted now through Dec. 7 on the Equity Conference 2022 website.

The honorees will be recognized during the Equity Conference on Jan. 20 to 21. The conference features local experts, nationally recognized speakers, and educators implementing systemic change to support all students. 

Take a minute to review the award categories and then nominate someone who deserves to be recognized. 

  • Turnaround School Site Leader award goes to a school administrator who fosters and leads equitable outcomes for all learners and has been a beacon of light for an entire community.

  • Turnaround Teacher award is for a classroom teacher who embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion and has helped achieve positive social and academic outcomes for all students.

  • Turnaround Support Staff award goes to a school counselor, nurse, school psychologist, paraprofessional, or others who actively supports all students, in pursuit of academic and/or social emotional excellence. 

  • Equity Champion award goes to a district administrator who encompasses the light necessary for people to come together and create multiple opportunities for all students and families in pursuit of equitable outcomes.

  • The No Place for Hate® Leader award goes to an active staff member of their school’s No Place for Hate® committee who demonstrates leadership in their role on the committee and throughout the school community. This person embodies the values laid out in ADL's No Place for Hate® pledge and has continued to put the commitment of No Place for Hate® at the forefront of their school community, even in these challenging times.

  • Student Equity Leadership award goes to an individual student or student group that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion and has led meaningful and significant equity initiatives in their school community.