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 20 Years of Honoring Biliteracy Leaders in Schools

This year's Leadership in Biliteracy Symposium marks two decades of San Diego County Office of Education's recognition of the work of teachers, parents, and school and community leaders in championing student proficiency in at least two languages. 

On Tuesday, 47 people from 27 districts and charter schools will be presented with the Leadership in Biliteracy award from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Marriott La Jolla.

These awardees were nominated by their school or district for their tireless passion and significant contribution to promoting biliteracy for students. 

"This annual event honors the positive efforts in San Diego County school districts to cultivate and promote the skill of biliteracy, which is a priceless asset in our global economy," said San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold. 

The event features Brandon Brizuela, college student and past recipient of the Bea Gonzales Biliteracy Scholarship, and Mónica Nava, the Region 9 senior director of Migrant Education at the SDCOE and this year’s recipient of the Bea Gonzales Leadership in Biliteracy award.

"Fluency in more than one language is increasingly becoming a skill that is highly sought after by employers," said San Diego County Board of Education President Guadalupe González. "Encouraging biliteracy is part of the County Office's commitment to making sure all students graduate ready for college and career." 

Research shows that students who know more than one language are better prepared for the global community and the job market. Students learning in more than one language, such as in a dual language program, have been shown to develop a variety of critical thinking skills and perform as well on English assessments as students in a traditional setting.