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Inspiring and leading innovation in education


 Apply Today for a 2018 Innovation Award

The Classroom of the Future Foundation (CFF) is seeking nominations for the 2018 Innovation Awards

There is $25,000 available for the recipients of these awards and nominations are open until Friday, Feb. 9 via the Classroom of the Future Foundation online application form. Applications can be made by district educators, parents or business leaders and will be reviewed by a panel of judges in late February. Winners will be selected and announced at the 15th anniversary Innovation in Education Awards on May 23 at SeaWorld San Diego.


Here are the top five benefits to winning an Innovation in Education Award:

1. CASH: CFF donates $5,000 to the school or district for the inspire, innovate and achieve awards. CFF donates $10,000 for the impact award, the best of the best.

2. RECOGNITION: You will be honored at the 15th anniversary Innovation in Education Awards in front of more than 500 peers. In addition, the CFF website will highlight your innovative program, as well as provide recognition in an ad in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

3. VIDEO PROFILE: CFF creates a video profile that documents each award. The video appears during the awards program at the annual event and remains archived on the CFF website for perpetuity.

4. SATISFACTION: The process of preparing a substantial and convincing application will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and pride in your program.

5. TROPHY AND BANNER: CFF presents a crystal vase trophy suitable for a display case, and a banner, that recognizes the program and its school or district.


Simply go to, click the link to the Innovation Award Application Form, and fill out the fields, questions, and provide necessary evidence.