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 San Diego County Board of Education, SDCOE Reaffirm Commitment to Education of All Children

At its meeting last week, the San Diego County Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution affirming its commitment - and the San Diego County Office of Education's commitment - to the education of all children.

Last year's national election has left the country divided on many fronts. This dissension has caused myriad emotional responses among members of our school community. No matter your personal perspective, as a school system, we are united in our commitment to always value each and every student we serve and to uphold a culture of safety and respect for diverse perspectives. It is our responsibility to maintain a positive climate to ensure student learning can occur without disruption.  

Our schools remain a welcoming, safe space for all students, who are encouraged to talk about their feelings with trusted adults, including principals, counselors, and teachers. Parents and guardians are key partners, and we are working diligently to make them aware that all children, regardless of immigration status, have a constitutional right to attend our schools.

SDCOE is hosting an Immigration Law Briefing for Schools on March 21. The briefing will be livestreamed; school district employees are welcome to watch the session (live or the recording that will be posted afterwards) to get answers to frequently asked questions about immigration enforcement policy, privacy protections for students, and more.

"This is an issue I take very seriously," said Interim San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Edward Velasquez. "After all, we can't educate children if they're not in school, and children can't learn if they're anxious about the possible deportation of their loved ones. Student safety, both physically and emotionally, remains our priority."