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 County Board Statement on Separation Agreement with County Superintendent of Schools

​After a special meeting on Sept. 13, 2016, the San Diego County Board of Education released this statement:

The Board and Superintendent Ward have reached a settlement, under the terms of which Dr. Ward will advance his retirement date to November 15, 2016, from what was scheduled to be June 30, 2017. Dr. Ward and the Board have agreed that it would be in the best interests of all involved to reach an amicable separation at this point in time.

We want to thank Dr. Ward for his 10 years of service as County Superintendent. We also wish to reiterate that the placement of Dr. Ward on leave was not, nor was it intended to be, any kind of assertion that the allegations of the California Taxpayers Action Network lawsuit have any merit.

Media inquiries should be directed to William Trejo at 213-628-0808.