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 County Superintendent Statement on 2014-15 State Budget

​​​​​Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his 2014 state budget proposal at a press conference this morning in San Diego.

San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Randy Ward released this statement regarding the proposed budget:

Governor Brown is prudent to pay down the billions of dollars in deferrals that have crippled schools in recent years. That move, plus his proposal to put aside additional funds in order to stabilize school funding even in years state revenue dips, will go a long way towards making schools whole—and keeping them that way.​​ 

That’s why I was proud to stand with Governor Brown today when he unveiled his budget.​

Education in California is on the verge of massive changes with the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula model, Local Control Accountability Plans, and the Common Core State Standards. This budget is an important step in the right direction as schools move forward with those transitions.​