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 Cuyamaca Outdoor School Names New Principal

kris pamintuanCuyamaca Outdoor School Vice Principal Kris Pamintuan has been named principal to replace the retiring Greg Schuett. Pamintuan joined the staff in 2018. 

“I am humbled, honored, and excited to be the next Cuyamaca Outdoor School principal,” said Pamintuan. “Principal Greg has been an incredible leader and an inspiration to tens of thousands of students, hundreds of visiting classroom teachers and, of course, the Cuyamaca staff. He utilized calm, informed decision-making and excellent customer service, and always had an eye toward making Cuyamaca the best outdoor school in the state. I will endeavor to do the same.”

The new leader said she is looking forward to continuing the Cuyamaca tradition of "continual program improvement." 

“With so many changes happening in the world right now, I am eager to see what our thoughtful and creative team comes up with,” Pamintuan said.

Pamintuan developed a deep love of nature and appreciation for the environment while growing up in Colorado. Along with her love of nature, she brings more than 22 years of experience teaching students about the great outdoors.

“She has veteran principal and administrator experience with outdoor education and has gifts with organizational management and technology,” said Bruce Peterson, executive director, Student Services and Programs. “Her fun, outgoing demeanor encourages students and settles their anxiety during their camp stay, which for many, is their first time away from home. The camp is poised for the next 25-year-run with Kris’ expertise and leadership.”

Over the last two years, Pamintuan has helped make improvements to the COS curriculum, update the student orientation program, and add monitors to cabins, assembly, and dining halls to provide information both visually and auditorily to fully engage campers. 

Pamintuan served in the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps in Southern California and in Boise, Idaho, before joining the outdoor education team at the Orange County Department of Education. After 16 years as program director, Pamintuan moved to Placerville to serve as director for the Sly Park Environmental Education Center at the Sacramento County Office of Education. When the vice principal position became available in 2018, she jumped at the opportunity to join the COS team.