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 County Board Declares February 2021 Black History Month

​The San Diego County Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday declaring February 2021 Black History Month. The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, Black History Month is celebrated every February as tribute to the achievements of African Americans who have shaped American history from 1619 to the election of the first Black President and Vice-President of the United States of America in 2008 and 2020, respectively, and beyond; and

WHEREAS, a week was chosen in February of 1926 to celebrate Black History as it acknowledged the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln on Feb. 12 and of Frederick Douglass on Feb. 20, both of whom were recognized as champions of freedom and equality for all men; and

WHEREAS, in the late 1960s America experienced the Civil Rights Movement and prominent civil rights activists supported the evolution of the week into an entire month; and

WHEREAS, Black History Month is now celebrated in the United States during the month of February and is promoted by a yearly theme, which for 2021 is, The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity; and

WHEREAS, despite the African slave trade that created an institution of slavery in this nation, African Americans have nonetheless continued to persevere and move forward in society, fighting for their freedom and equality and for the freedom of all Americans; and

WHEREAS, African Americans have played a pivotal role in the history and shaping of America and whose contributions should not be understated or marginalized; and

WHEREAS, African Americans have been pivotal in the creation of a massive number of inventions and are recognized for achievements in education, social services, public safety, health, business, fine arts, entertainment, science, politics, law, engineering, and technology; and

WHEREAS, African Americans have continually enriched and contributed to our society through their longstanding commitment to resilience, justice, equality, civil rights, and economic and social equality for all; and

WHEREAS Black history is a part of American history and as educational leaders we have a responsibility to educate students about the role and contribution of African Americans in history throughout the entire year, including embracing aspects of African American history that are all too often ignored; and

WHEREAS, the San Diego County Board of Education partners with school districts and community-based organizations, and is committed to equity in our curriculum and advancing and nurturing the potential of African American and all students in career and community to improve their educational outcomes; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the San Diego County Board of Education and County Superintendent of Schools do hereby adopt this resolution to recognize Black History Month, honor the contributions of African Americans, and support the educational attainment of African American and all students.

To deliver on the promise of educational equity for all students, the San Diego County Board of Education is committed to providing educational opportunities and support to district and school leaders, teachers and other stakeholders so that all students, including our historically underserved students, are served well and are successful. 

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