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 Google Visits Hillsdale Middle School in Cajon Valley

Representatives from Google visited Hillsdale Middle School today to showcase their newest virtual reality learning tool.

As an innovative district, Cajon Valley seeks to share new technology with students. The Google Expeditions AR team will be visiting many of the Cajon Valley Union School District schools to share the Augmented Reality experience with students. Cajon Valley has been in partnership with Google this year to provide teaching coaches at each of their middle schools, including Hillsdale. The coaches work with teachers on classroom challenges selected by teachers. This coaching model has been a beneficial part of Cajon Valley’s teacher professional development.

“Cajon Valley’s partnership with Google over the last three years has helped to accelerate our progress in equipping both our teachers and students with modern tools and strategies to compete in the current and future World of Work," said Superintendent Dr. David Miyashiro. "We are grateful to the Google team and look forward to future collaborations.”

With Expeditions AR, teachers and students can now bring virtual objects into their physical space. Anything from a strand of DNA to a whirling tornado can be brought into the classroom. Students can see and walk around the object like it was right there in the classroom. Students will use Google’s devices to get up close to see detail, or step back to get a sense of scale and point out new discoveries together. Teachers are able to highlight specific points of interest on the object and incorporate it to suit the lesson.

District Director Liz Loether says “We are excited to welcome Google Expeditions back to Cajon Valley schools after their visit two years ago launching the initial version of Expeditions and Google Cardboard in 2015. The Expeditions AR platform allows Cajon Valley students to experience adventures from around the World from their own classroom led by familiar teachers.”