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 California High School Exit Exam Results Show San Diego Students Improve and Meet Graduation Requirements

​​More than 88 percent of the 10th graders in San Diego County passed the Mathematics portion of the high school exit exam​ on their first try last year, and 86 percent passed the English Language Arts portion. These are the highest pass-rates ever for first-time test takers. And once again San Diego County 10th graders out-performed the rest of the state on the exit exam.

The gap in passing-rates between students of different ethnic and income groups continued to shrink, but significant differences in their pass-rates remained.

On the English Language Arts portion of the exam, 93 percent of the Asian and white 10th graders passed, compared to 79 percent of the African American and Hispanic students. On the Math portion, 94 percent of the Asian and white students passed, compared to 82 percent of their African American and Hispanic classmates.

In 2008-2009, the gap was 19 points in English Language Arts and 17 points in math.

Students have multiple chances to take the exit exam, and many opportunities to receive support throughout their remaining high school years. By the time the students in the Class of 2014 graduate, the gap in passing rates between different ethnic and income groups is expected to be less than one percent.