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 NBC 7 San Diego´s Inspirational Teacher and Student of The Month Programs Seek Nominations

Ashford University, in partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education, presents the NBC 7 San Diego’s Inspirational Teacher of the Month and Inspirational Student of the Month Programs.

Who Is an Inspirational Teacher?
An Inspirational Teacher is a dedicated educator who brings their energy, enthusiasm and creativity to the classroom every day. The Inspirational teacher faces challenges with ingenuity and is constantly evolving their practices to adapt to the student’s educational needs.

They are held in high esteem by their peers and students, and set an inspiring example through their community service. An Inspirational teacher truly makes a difference in San Diego!

Nominate a teacher!

Who Is an Inspirational Student?
An Inspirational Student is an outstanding individual on his or her high school campus and within their community. This student n​ot only excels in their curriculum and demonstrates leadership, but they go above and beyond and take initiative to improve their school and community’s environment through service, philanthropic efforts, personal values and positive influence.

Nominate a student!