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 Mark Anderson is New President of County Board of Education

In a unanimous vote of the San Diego County Board of Education, board member Mark Anderson was elected Board President for 2012 at the board’s January 19 meeting.

Anderson, first elected to the five-member board in 2008, thanked the board for their vote of confidence and said the coming year would be one of challenges and opportunities, vowing to work with local school districts, teachers, and administrators to improve opportunities for students.

Anderson then turned to the audience and thanked his father, Jim Anderson, seated in the first row. “The attributes and recognition my colleagues gave me here today were initially seeded and nurtured and taught to grow by this gentleman seated in the audience. Dad, you have my thanks and I hope I do you proud.”

Anderson also thanked his wife Elaine Anderson and his brother Carl and his wife Cathy, all in the audience.

Moments later the board voted unanimously to elect outgoing Board President Sue Hartley as the board’s Vice President for 2012.

Each of the five members of the County Board of Education represent a distinct geographic region of the county. As the Fourth District representative, Anderson’s region is the North Inland section of the county. Hartley’s Fifth District covers the North Coast, John Witt represents the First District (metropolitan San Diego), Sharon Jones represents the Third District (East County), and Jerry Rindone represents the South County’s Second District.

The County Board of Education sets policy for the San Diego County Office of Education, and selects and hires the County Superintendent of Schools. County Superintendent Randy Ward administers the County Office of Education staff, which provides a broad range of services to the county’s 42 public school districts. ​