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 Military, Education Leaders Call for War Letter Donations

Contribute Your Correspondence to the "Million Letters Campaign" on July 5 at the San Diego County Office of Education

Military and education leaders called on San Diego County residents today to take part in a star-spangled cause by donating war-related letters at a July 5 event.

At a June 29 news conference on the flight deck of the USS Midway, veterans and their families were encouraged to bring letters or emails from any American war to the San Diego County Office of Education, which is hosting the "Million Letters Campaign" San Diego event.

The local stop is part of a cross-country tour to protect and preserve war-related correspondence through the Center for American War Letters at Chapman University.

"The San Diego County Board of Education is pleased to be able to bring history to life for our young and old learners through this worthy effort," said San Diego County Board of Education President Rick Shea. "History can sometimes be drab for youngsters, but now they can learn about history from the people who created history."

Those who have letters or want to learn more about the campaign can attend the free event from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at the San Diego County Office of Education Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center at 6401 Linda Vista Road in San Diego.

Historian and best-selling author Andrew Carroll, who is the founding director of the Center for American War Letters, will speak at the July 5 event on the study and remembrance of donated letters. Carroll will be accompanied by Shea and one-time San Diego resident George Fee, who donated letters and memorabilia from his father and grandfather, veterans of World War II and World War I, respectively.

"These correspondences help us to honor and remember the troops, veterans, and military family members who have served this nation. These are their words, their voices, and no one can tell their stories better than they can," Carroll said.

Attendees at the July 5 event will also have the opportunity to view a sampling of some of the war correspondence previously donated to the effort.

Anyone with letters can donate them to the effort or have them electronically scanned for inclusion. Notes from all conflicts where U.S. servicemen and women took part are being sought. Photocopies and scans will be accepted, but originals are preferred.

The press conference announcing the July 5 event was presented in partnership with the USS Midway Museum and included the USS Midway Museum President and CEO Mac McLaughlin and Retired Marine Corps Col. and Veterans Museum Board Chair Jack Harkins. 

Also present was George Fee, a one-time San Diego resident who donated his family's letters, journals, and awards to the Center for American War Letters. 

"Donate now; don't procrastinate," Fee said to families with war-related correspondence. "The writers did their duty, now let's do ours to preserve those memories."

"Million Letters Campaign" San Diego

When: 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5

Where: San Diego County Office of Education Joe Rindone Regional Technology Center, 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego 92111

Why: Come to listen to "Million Letters Campaign" founder and bestselling author Andrew Carroll, or bring war-related correspondence to donate to the Center for American War Letters, and honor our military members and their families. 

ContactSDCOE Communications at 858-292-3753

If you are unable to attend the event, please visit to find out how to donate your letters.