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 National Clearinghouse Partnership Tracks Progress of Students in College

A good high school is known for the number of its graduating students who attend college. 

A great high school knows how many of its students went on to complete a college degree. 

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) believes all students should have access and opportunity to attend college if they so choose. 

To support that work, SDCOE is partnering with high school districts to track the progress of students in college and get a better idea of what’s working in terms of college attendance, persistence, and graduation.  

The County Office has provided funding for an annual subscription to the National Student Clearinghouse for all high school districts. This first year will include about 90 high schools, with alternative high schools folded in the following year. 

By leveraging SDCOE’s capacity to collect and analyze data countywide, educators in San Diego County can begin to see patterns, make research-based changes, and measure impact. 

SDCOE has set a countywide goal of increasing postsecondary enrollment. 

Most schools collect college-going data from students who self-report. It’s estimated that those numbers are only about 70 percent accurate.

Of the 32,000 San Diego County students who graduate with a high school diploma each year, only about 14,000 go on to college. 

In 2017-18, more than 23,000 graduates met University of California and California State University requirements, but thousands will not make it to college. 

There are large gaps in what we know about our students once they leave our campus. The National Student Clearinghouse’s student tracker report tells schools how many students enroll, persist and graduate from college; this includes which college they attended and if they did not graduate from college. 

As part of this effort to improve postsecondary access, SDCOE will also partner with the San Diego Workforce Partnership to determine which careers are pursued by students who do not attend college. 

High schools will get access to the clearinghouse, data support from SDCOE, and access to countywide reports on college access and outcomes that can be used to make decisions locally. 

To opt into this partnership, please complete this brief survey.

For questions or concerns, please contact Shannon Coulter via email or by phone at 858-292-3593.