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 New Mission, Logo Reflect SDCOE Values

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) SDCOE logo with motto Future Without Boundariestook a giant step forward tonight when the San Diego County Board of Education approved a new logo and mission statement for the organization.

"I am proud of the great work we do at SDCOE and now we have a logo that reflects the joy, hope, and innovation of your efforts on behalf of students," said County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold. "Our new, leaner mission statement is something we can all remember and promote in our daily interactions. Best of all, it was created organically, with input from all of our stakeholders."

This spring, a group of employees, school district representatives, and community partners gathered to build on existing strengths to plot the course for SDCOE. The strategic planning group coalesced around the idea that SDCOE exists to empower students in the programs it operates as well as those students who attend schools in the districts SDCOE supports. 

"SDCOE helps parents become advocates for their children and builds expertise among teachers and principals and district staff so they can serve our region’s youth," explained San Diego County Board of Education President Guadalupe González. "We help break down the barriers that keep children from the success they deserve. And we engage the community as partners in education so all students thrive now and in the future."

The new logo and color palette reflect those priorities. The triangle is a reminder of where we’ve been, while the innovative design and colors convey hope, learning, and growth in a multicultural world.

The board and superintendent are asking each employee to commit to helping the organization embody its new mission. The SDCOE Commitments, which were written by a group of SDCOE employees and a district representative who participated in and then built on the strategic planning session, are:

Because each person is born with inherent worth and dignity, and because equitable access and opportunity are essential to a just, educated society, I commit to being:

  • Respectful of differences and diverse perspectives
  • Accountable for my actions and their impact on students
  • Proactive in improving ways we support and engage our students, school districts, and community partners
  • A responsible steward of our resources
  • A lifelong learner who contributes to our collective success so that students thrive now and in the future

"When we all steadfastly dedicate ourselves to these principles, we achieve more," Gothold said. "We bravely strive for and help our students fulfill the promise of a future without boundaries. A future where every child is prepared to succeed in the global community. A future that reflects the best of a diverse San Diego County."