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 Schools Receive Grants for Physical Fitness, Athletic or Nutrition Programs

​The Spanos family and the San Diego Chargers continued their tradition of support for youth and health fitness by awarding nearly $250,000 in Chargers Champions grants to San Diego County schools.

“Schools throughout California need our support,” said A.G. Spanos, the Chargers’ executive vice president and chief executive officer. “The main goal of our program is to provide students with the necessary means to living a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness.”

Chargers Champions provides grants for ne​w facilities and equipment to improve physical fitness of students in San Diego County schools.

Since the program’s inception in 2000, the Spanos family has donated more than $4.5 million to San Diego’s schools and students through Chargers Champions. The program consistently provides more support for San Diego-area schools than any other individual or private company in San Diego County.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have organizations like the San Diego Chargers step up to support education,” Dr. Randolph Ward said, the San Diego Superintendent of Schools. “By providing these resources, the Chargers are making a real difference in the lives of local children, not only today but in the future.”

The educational grants ranged in amounts from $75,000 to both Helix High School and Mission Bay High School down to a $3,000 grant given to Valley Center High School.

“Helix Charter High School is so appreciative of the Chargers for their continued support of California schools,” Helix High Executive Director Mike Lewis said. “The Chargers grant of $75,000 will outfit a new weight room facility that will be used by all of our students in physical education as well as all of our athletic teams”

Nine San Diego County schools received grants to improve physical fitness, athletic or nutrition programs on school campuses.

  • Helix High School, $75,000, New weight room 
  • Mission Bay High School, $75,000, New weight room 
  • Diegueno Middle School, $22,000, Outdoor fitness center 
  • Washington Middle School, $22,000, Aquatics equipment 
  • Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, $17,000, Running track 
  • Del Rio Elementary School, $15,000, Fitness equipment 
  • Cajon Park Elementary School, $13,000, Sports equipment/running track 
  • Ross Elementary School, $4,000, Fitness equipment 
  • Valley Center High School, $3,000, Body Composition Analyzers 

This year’s Chargers Champions’ recipients will be honored on the field during the Chargers-Cincinnati game on Sunday, December 2, at Qualcomm Stadium.

Funds allocated to Chargers Champions are administered through the Chargers Community Foundation, the team’s charitable foundation. The Foundation was established in 1995 by Dean and Alex Spanos to “help San Diego build on its strengths by supporting individuals, activities and organizations that work to make the city a better place to live.” ​