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 Teachers, Students Invited to Open Doors to Federal Courts

​​​​​San Diego teachers and students are invited to participate in the Southern District of California’s "Open Doors to Federal Courts" program on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. This year’s event will be divided into three segments: Credit Abuse Resistance Education (“CARE”) hosted by bankruptcy court judges; a Legal Careers Panel; and a mock trial in which your students will play the various roles. The Court will provide lunch during this 4½ hour program.

During the CARE presentation, experts from the bankruptcy court will discuss the ins and outs of using credit. The goal of the CARE program is to train young men and women to intelligently manage their credit and to keep them from ever seeing the inside of a bankruptcy court. Next, students will hear from people who work within the federal system, including both prosecutors and defense attorneys, a Probation or Pretrial Services Officer, Courtroom Deputy, Court Reporter, Interpreter, and Marshal, who will each discuss their role within the system and the education and experience they received in order to attain these positions. Finally, the students will participate in a scripted Mock Trial presided over by a federal judge. (The script will be provided to the teacher in advance so the students may familiarize themselves with their roles.)

Open Doors to Federal Courts is a national program, which welcomes thousands of students into local federal courthouses around the country. The objective is to bring high school students, teachers, judges, court staff, and lawyers together to enhance public knowledge and understanding of the federal court system. The program is intended for high school juniors and seniors who have studied civics or United States government. Little advance preparation is necessary and there is no charge to participate.

We encourage you to register as soon as possible, but no later than Feb. 19, 2014. Space is limited. In order to register, please e-mail the Courts’ program coordinator Kathleen McMahon-Walford​ and give an estimate of the number of students and adults that will be coming to the courthouse.​