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 Public Can Share Feedback on Essential Skills

The community has an opportunity to help shape rubrics focused on essential skills students need to be successful in work and school.

The essential skills draft rubrics were designed to support student growth in the classroom as well as the workplace, helping to set clear expectations for instruction, internships, mentorships, project-based learning, and more.

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) collaborated with the San Diego Workforce Partnership to develop the draft rubrics along with an informational poster.

"When we ask employers what they are looking for in the workforce, they cite essential skills as the most important and toughest qualities to find consistently in job applicants," said Sarah Burns, director of research application for the San Diego Workforce Partnership. "It's hard to overstate how much displaying these skills can influence a hiring manager's decision and contribute to success in the workplace."

The public comment period runs through Sept. 18. Review the rubrics and comment.

"We want feedback on the criteria listed in the draft rubric to ensure we are capturing essential skills in a way that is meaningful and gives students clarity on what it means to have these skills," said Jewyl Clarke, integrated curriculum coordinator with SDCOE. "Essential skills are more important than ever, as we see the need for flexible, collaborative learning in a virtual environment."