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 Public Forum to Address High School API, Accountability Measures

In response to state legislation, the California Department of Education is seeking input from a broad range of stakeholders on new indicators for calculating high school API/accountability measures. CDE staff will be holding a regional public meeting at the San Diego County Office of Education on Wednesday, May 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in the JRRTC Comm Labs (Room 202). We would like to encourage you to invite staff, parents, and community members to provide input as well as hear suggestions from others.

The state is looking for measures that indicate students are progressing through high school and graduating ready for a full range of 21st century post-secondary opportunities. In thinking about indicators of high school performance, you might consider: 

  • What indicator(s) could effectively document students’ progress through high school? 
  • What should be considered in looking at high school graduation rates (for example, students who graduate in four years, students who take five or six years but still get a diploma, students who obtain their GED, special student populations)? 
  • What could indicate that a student leaving high school is ready for college and a career? 
  • Should college and career readiness be combined into one indicator or should there be separate indicators for college readiness and career readiness? 
  • In what ways might career pathways / CTE courses be included in the API? ​