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 New, Approved English Language Materials Showcase

​​​​​​The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) this month is bringing together the 25 instructional material programs approved by the state Board of Education for English Language Arts (ELA) and English Language Development (ELD). ​Instructional Materials Fair picture

The Instructional Materials Fair​ from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Jan. 26 at the SDCOE main campus offers hands-on access for district leaders and decision-makers.

This free fair is a one-stop shop to view publisher exhibits and presentations, and get a firsthand look at the materials. It includes both board-approved K-8 materials and high school elements.

The full-day event also highlights the state adoption process for recommended, standards-aligned instructional materials, and districts' options in choosing the programs for their schools.

This is the first year districts can choose a program not included in the state-approved list of options. With the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, California's new school funding system, dollars are no longer tied to specific instructional materials, said Teresa Walter, senior director of instruction and curriculum at SDCOE.

"That's a big deal," Walter said. "Districts can now choose one whole program, or customize by conducting their own review and selecting quality materials from more than one source."

However, school districts must choose instructional materials that are aligned with California Content Standards for ELA and ELD, which is why SDCOE is bringing together the 25 vetted, reviewed, and approved programs. Just two months after the programs were approved, San Diego County districts get valuable access to a showcase of these options that are recommended, but not required.

"We want to support districts in understanding their options and provide information and resources to ensure a really thoughtful materials selection process, because the materials ultimately selected have to match the needs of the district and the needs of the students," Walter said.

Morning refreshments and lunch are provided, so attendees are asked to register by Friday​​​.​