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 San Diego County School Employees to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Updated March 5, 2021 to reflect that TK-12 employees at all schools and sites are eligible for vaccination.

The County of San Diego, San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), and California Schools Voluntary Employees Benefits Association (VEBA) are pleased to announce that vaccination of the county’s education staff will commence Saturday, Feb. 27. 

SDCOE and VEBA are following County of San Diego health guidelines to prioritize vaccination of education workers who work in schools and sites located in the neighborhoods most impacted by COVID-19.

Vaccine rollout was phased, with employees assigned to district, charter, and private schools and sites with a score in the fourth quartile of the state's Healthy Places Index (HPI) being eligible first, followed by eligibility for employees at third-, second-, and first-quartile locations. HPI quartiles for schools are listed on SDCOE’s school reopening dashboard.

Directing vaccination resources in this manner addresses COVID-19 health inequities and supports the schools in those communities, which have had transmission rates well above the county average and tend to serve students who are low-income, Black, Latino, Pacific Islander, or the children of essential workers.

“This is an important step forward for our school communities,” said San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold. “SDCOE is committed to supporting public health efforts to swiftly vaccinate education staff — teachers, classified staff, and administrators — against COVID-19.”

School districts, charters, and private schools are submitting information on eligible employees to VEBA. Once VEBA receives submissions, those employees are able to log in to a secure VEBA portal to make appointments. For more information,

Employees of K-12 schools should not make appointments through the county’s reservation portals. Appointments will not be honored for K-12 employees who use the wrong reservation system.

Because the county is operating with a limited supply of vaccine, we ask the community for patience as we work to make this process as efficient as possible. Meanwhile, the work of reopening our school campuses moves forward.

San Diego County districts and schools continue to plan and prepare for the return of students to in-person instruction on timelines that are specific to public health conditions and the needs of their school communities.