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 San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Gears Up for Eighth Annual EXPO DAY and Festival Week

​​Science, technology, engineering and math, oh my! The eighth annual San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is gearing up for another year and will hold  its highly anticipated EXPO DAY before its traditional Festival Week. This year, EXPO DAY will occur Saturday, March 5, 2016 at PETCO Park with the festival following from March 6-13, 2016 at various locations throughout San Diego County. Festival organizers have decided to host the EXPO DAY to celebrate the kick-off of festival week and give attendees major glimpse of what’s to come at venues across San Diego County through March 13. ​​

​EXPO DAY and Festival Week features interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities and dynamic speakers to engage kids and families in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. “The eighth annual San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering promises to bring wonder and delight to STEM enthusiasts of all ages,” said Sara DW Pagano, managing director, San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering. “Our festival is a catalyst to transfer that knowledge and collaboration to show students and their parents how science translates into careers and further fuels our economy in San Diego County. The festival furthers our commitment to demonstrating that science and technology is in everything we do, every day.” 

A program of the BIOCOM Institute, the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering aims to encourage and engage kids in STEM, and to inspire them to become tomorrow’s innovators. This festival, presented by Illumina, also helps continue to increase our region’s reputation of being a leader in the science industry. The goal of the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is to show how science and engineering opportunities are in our own “backyard.” 

​​Additionally, festival organizers are expanding their event schedule to appeal to adults ages 21 and up. “The 21+ series has been widely requested by many of our adult followers who share a continued passion and love for science,” says Pagano. “This new series which is co-hosted by the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center offers us a larger depth of impact in the community, in addition to the opportunity to expand our work with some wonderful new partners.” 

​The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is March 5-13, 2016. The festival kicks off with EXPO DAY, a daylong celebration at PETCO Park on Saturday, March 5, 2016. EXPO DAY is the Festival’s signature event, with more than 130 local businesses, corporations, and organizations providing interactive, hands-on science, technology, engineering and math exhibits and activities to budding K-12 science lovers. The fun continues with Festival Week (March 6-13) – eight days of learning, interaction and behind-the-scenes opportunities for grades kindergarten through 12th grade, and their families to ignite their passion for STEM education. All events are free and open to the public. 

In 2015, 75,000 kids, parents, scientists, educators and community members participated throughout the week, plus more than 24,000 children, parents and STEM enthusiasts attended EXPO Day at PETCO Park. 

Sponsorships are available for the 2016 San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Festival Week and EXPO Day. For more details, click here or contact Sara Pagano​, managing director. ​