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 County Superintendent Statement on the Passage of Proposition 30

​​​Dr. Randy Ward, San Diego County Superintendent of Schools, released the following statement today applauding the citizens of California for passing the "Schools and Local Public Safety Act" (Proposition 30) on November 6.

“On behalf of the nearly 500,000 public school students in San Diego County, I am pleased the voters of California saw fit to invest in schools by passing Prop. 30. The trigger cuts would have been devastating to our children, a $228 million hit to schools which have already seen massive funding cuts and deferrals in recent years.

“One of the benefits of Prop. 30’s passage is it begins repayment on the IOUs the state has issued for years. These deferrals have meant school districts couldn’t depend on getting funds when they were allotted, meaning they had to resort to short-term borrowing. This is costly and inefficient.”

“Prop. 30 is a good first step, but we need to find long-term solutions so our schools are no longer subject to ballot box budgeting. I encourage the legislature and Governor Brown to work together, with support from the school community, to make fundamental changes to our education funding model so schools can focus on the real work of preparing students to succeed in the 21st century.”