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 North Island Credit Union Presents 2021 Innovation in Education Impact Award to Adobe Bluff Elementary School

Classroom of the Future Foundation's Innovation in Education program recognizes San Diego County school initiatives modeling the future of K‐12 education

 Adobe Bluff Elementary School reps presented with award

As the Premier Sponsor of the Classroom of the Future Foundation (CFF), North Island Credit Union recently presented the organization's prestigious 2021 Innovation in Education Impact Award to Adobe Bluff Elementary School (ABES) for its Chinese Mandarin language and cultural immersion programs. In recognition of the award, North Island Credit Union provided ABES with $10,000 to help ensure it continues to encourage and cultivate global learners through its programs.

"We congratulate all of the outstanding educators at Adobe Bluff Elementary School for receiving CFF's Impact Award, which is well‐deserved recognition of their efforts to promote cultural diversity, awareness, acceptance and inclusion across their community," said North Island Credit Union President/CEO Steve O'Connell. "ABES' innovative programs go beyond helping students acquire the language, empowering them to be culturally and globally responsive world‐class learners."

ABES immerses its students in Chinese culture and the Mandarin language through offering two comprehensive programs. Students can engage in a Two‐Way Dual Language Chinese Mandarin Immersion Program or the school's Foreign Language in Elementary School program. Through local and international cultural partnerships and innovative teaching practices, ABES students participate in cross‐cultural experiences amongst students, families, staff and the local communities.

"In our immersion pathway, our mission is teach and foster bi‐literate and multicultural students who become global citizens and global leaders," said ABES Principal Hee‐Jin Peterson. "The goal is for students to become proficient in two languages while reaching a high level of academic achievement in all core subjects. Students develop proficiency by using both English and Mandarin to learn all of their school subjects rather than by studying the language itself."

The CFF annual Innovation in Education Awards program honors innovative classroom programs, educators, and students in San Diego County schools that model the future of K‐12 education. Following an intensive application and selection process, four classroom programs are recognized for their ability to get students excited about learning and enhance outcomes through the effective use of technology. The Impact Award is given to the program that exceeds all others in its ability to impact students and teachers. A complete list of 2021 CFF Innovation in Education Award recipients is available here.

"Innovation isn't about technology; it's about identifying where there are gaps in our existing systems and plugging them, and about creating new supports so every child can gain the skills needed to thrive," said San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold. "We are thankful to the Classroom of the Future Foundation and North Island Credit Union for shining a spotlight on programs like these that create a foundation for success when students leave the K‐12 school system."

In its third year as Premier CFF Sponsor, North Island Credit Union has provided $20,000 annually to support the organization's mission. Since 1997, CFF has united business, community, and educational leaders to create innovative learning environments in San Diego County public schools that prepare students to thrive in a competitive, global society.