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 Celebrating School Social Workers March 1-7

School Social Work Week PosterIf you know a school social worker, this is the time to show them your appreciation.

National School Social Work Week is an opportunity to focus public attention on the unique contributions of school social workers within our schools. 

School social workers play a vital role in the San Diego County education system and can be found in schools all across the area. They assist students, teachers, staff, parents, and families, and work to enhance both school climate and the overall academic mission. By providing social-emotional and mental health support services to students, school social workers attempt to alleviate barriers to academic success and improve overall well-being. 

School social workers are unique in that they focus on the “whole child.” On any given day you could find them providing behavior support to students, linking families to resources, collaborating on interventions with teachers, attending community meetings, and even advocating on a state level for pertinent issues. School social workers are committed to achieving an equitable learning environment for all and specialize in empowering marginalized youth. 

Driven by social justice and advocacy, school social workers go above and beyond for the community in San Diego. Please take the time this week to let your school social worker know just how important they are to you.