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 Community Volunteer Campaign Enacted To Impact Academic Achievement Throughout San Diego County

​To impact academic achievement, The San Diego Union-Tribune, United Way of San Diego County and the San Diego County Office of Education are introducing an unprecedented campaign to mobilize 4,500 San Diego County residents to pledge to volunteer with K-12 students.

Dubbed the “U-T Volunteer for Education” campaign, the effort will go through the 2011-12 academic school year. The effort offers many ways to get involved, and encourages San Diegans to volunteer as readers, tutors and mentors, or use their individual skill set in a way that benefits a local educational setting. Whether reading a favorite story to school children or acting as a life, career or sports mentor or coach, individual skill sets can also be tailored to specific volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers should visit and click “Volunteer” to sign-up, or, call (858) 636-4111 to speak with a United Way coordinator about personalized opportunities.‬ The U-T Volunteer for Education campaign will track the total number of volunteer pledges through June 2012.

“Volunteers can make a difference,” said County Superintendent of Schools Randy Ward. “They can support academic achievement, physical fitness, the importance of study skills, and the value of good attendance and behavior. They also show school personnel that the greater community supports the efforts of teachers and schools, and that’s a valuable message.”

Ed Moss, president and publisher of the Union-Tribune, said, “This campaign reflects our long-standing mission to help foster strong communities and history of supporting youth, family and literacy causes in our region. We are thrilled to use our resources and large reach to encourage community involvement with this effort. We also recognize and applaud San Diego County teachers, administrators and staff for their dedication to our region’s youth.”

The U-T Volunteer for Education campaign and its partnership with United Way of San Diego County is part of United Way’s regional challenge to mobilize 10,000 San Diegans, and nationally one million Americans, to volunteer within an educational setting.

“We’re so pleased that the Union-Tribune has taken up the challenge by creating the U-T Volunteer for Education Campaign,” said Doug Sawyer, president and CEO, United Way of San Diego County. “This initiative will help us recruit 4,500 volunteers – nearly half of our overall goal.”

According to a recent United Way of San Diego County report, people see community as playing a vital role in the success of our local schools and are willing to volunteer as part of the solution. Engaging students while learning in school, and connecting students with the resources they need outside of school, can have a positive effect on education.

For more information on the U-T Volunteer for Education campaign, and to read about local volunteer stories throughout the campaign, visit