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 County Reaches Important Milestone for Reopening Campuses

Public health announced today that the County of San Diego has been removed from the state's watch list. Our region must now continue to show normal data for 14 consecutive days before schools are permitted to conduct in-person education.

On the 15th day (provided none of the state's six metrics are abnormal), schools may re-open and in-person instruction can occur.

While this is encouraging news that could help pave the way for us to reopening schools this fall, there are also some important things to keep in mind.

These numbers will need to stay within the acceptable range for at least 14 days before schools in San Diego County will be allowed to reopen without a waiver. Even if we are allowed to return to in-person instruction, it doesn't mean that schools will right away.

For the last several months, schools have been developing reopening plans to ensure we do everything possible to prepare for distance learning and ensure healthy environments for our students and employees. School district leadership has also been working with employee associations to develop memoranda of understanding that address conditions in our schools before employees return to school sites.

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to work with local public health as we move forward.

To learn more, visit SDCOE's COVID-19 website.