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 Child Care Survey for Essential Workers

​Essential workers are providing healthcare, safety, food, infrastructure, emergency response, and other essential services every day as we confront COVID-19. But not every family has the means to afford child care.

With schools closed, knowing their children are safe and protected, while they protect their community is a huge issue for essential workers.

Schools are standing by to provide emergency child care services for those children. But to do that, the San Diego County Office of Education and our Child Care Disaster Council partners YMCA San Diego and First 5 San Diego need to know what the needs are, and where.

All essential workers in the region are asked to complete our short online child care survey to determine type of care, age groups, hours, and locations needed. 

We will use the data to inform our efforts to help essential workers find and afford child care, including by potentially re-opening child care at schools, following all county and state emergency guidelines around physical distancing and sanitation practices.

“We want to make sure parents can rest assured their children will be safe and well cared for while they work so hard for the rest of us,” said San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold. 

The governor’s recent executive order provides additional funding to cover some of the need in our county. However, additional funding from the state is expected to only cover two months of care for 2,600 children, which is a small fraction of the estimated number of health care workers in the region with young children.

“We’re grateful for the funding received thus far, which has enabled us to launch a new voucher program to help essential workers pay for childcare,” said Kim McDougal, Executive Director of YMCA Childcare Resource Service. “However, we know this initial funding will not be enough. The results we get from this survey are vital so we can understand the depth of child care needs.”

This survey will also serve as a guidance tool for future reference in the emergency preparedness materials for the child care sector.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Lucia Garay, Executive Director of Early Education Programs and Services for SDCOE, at 858-292-3801 or