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 Data Center Upgrades Help Districts Save Money

A service the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is planning to launch in September will leverage technology resources to help local districts keep more money in classrooms.

SDCOE employees have worked collaboratively for about a year to expand the capacity of the data center at the Office of Education's main campus to allow SDCOE to meet some districts' data needs. By offering local districts data services at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere, SDCOE is helping them save the money for educating students.

At the same time, the work made the data center more energy-efficient with updated hardware, air conditioning, and lighting.

For years, the data center was shrinking as hardware got smaller and smaller and more cloud storage. Several years ago, the center was filled with racks of servers that met SDCOE's needs. Over time, the servers shrank from about 20 racks to only four.

That left a lot of extra room.

"Because we had all of this free space, we said, 'OK, what can we do to support districts, especially those that don't have a data center?'" said Francisco Tamayo, director of infrastructure and cloud services.

When the project is complete, there will be 32 racks of servers with 28 set aside to support districts.

Three districts are scheduled to begin a co-location pilot next month. Within a year, Tamayo said he expects districts will be using half of the rack space.