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 e3 Civic High Named Among the Top 41 Innovative K–12 Schools in America

​​​San Diego charter school e3 Civic High​​ has been named one of the 41 Most Innovative K–12 Schools in America for its revolutionary approach to education. 

Created by Noodle, a website for education information and resources, the list of honored ​institutions features 41 top public, private, and charter K–12 schools that are inspiring students to love learning, and empowering teachers and administrators to create unparalleled educational opportunities.

“e3 Civic High is proud to be honored for the hard work of our educators and the achievements of our students,” said Dr. Helen V. Griffith, the school’s executive director. “We believe each student deserves every opportunity to succeed. To help our students thrive in a tech-enabled environment, we have located our school within the downtown community and inside the San Diego Public Library to encourage research skills, civic
engagement, concurrent college enrollment, project-based learning, and extensive career preparation for inner-city students. We are thrilled that the leaders at Noodle recognize the impact that e3 Civic High is making on educational experiences and outcomes.”

“This year’s top 41 institutions exemplify new ways of addressing educational challenges and encouraging students to thrive,” said Suzanne Podhurst, Editor-in-Chief of Noodle. “All of the featured schools are making a demonstrable impact on the students they serve — and on the larger education space. At Noodle, we are shining a spotlight on the schools that are redefining education and creating exciting opportunities for their students.”

e3 Civic High is among 140,000 K–12 schools in the U.S. It was selected by Noodle experts, who culled the 41 most interesting, innovative, and impactful institutions from among tens of thousands of excellent schools.

“Innovative schools are about opportunities rather than problems, regardless of circumstances,” said John Chubb, president of the National Association of Independent Schools. “Educators who work in innovative schools envision an ideal future and then pioneer approaches to learning, teaching, and community-building that other schools can try out in their own settings. The schools recognized through the Innovative Schools Award show that experimenting and taking calculated risks to serve their students more effectively improves education for all children.”