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 May 13 Workshop on Addressing Disproportionality in Special Education Goes Virtual

Employees at the South County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) are hosting the third and final community design workshop of the school year for the Equity, Disproportionality & Design project on May 13 at 4 p.m. 

The workshop has been redesigned for videoconferencing format and promises to offer a creative and inspiring session that also supports the health and safety of the community. 

The Equity, Disproportionality & Design project works to give all special education students the opportunity to live up to their full academic and social potential. Disproportionality in special education is the over-representation of minority students identified with a learning disability or other type of disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Act. When a minority group's numbers in special education are statistically higher than they should be, they are considered disproportionate.

Over the last year, the team has been focusing on raising awareness about equity and disproportionality and enlisting key stakeholders, including parents/guardians, educators, and community partners, to help design solutions and services. The third and final workshop of the school year will unveil the projects the design work groups have been building since the fall. 

“We can’t wait to share the projects, so we’ll be using this design workshop as a virtual show and tell,” said Ryan Estrellado, SELPA executive consultant and content lead. “Involving our community in preventing disproportionality has been a goal from the start. That’s what makes it so exciting to use this workshop as space for those community voices to be heard in the project work.”

A few things that will be shared during the workshop include:

  • A new community survey experience 
  • A family-friendly data report that shares community resources and builds awareness about disproportionality
  • A database that catalogues preventive disproportionality ideas 
  • A training activity that makes the connection between data and people 
  • A library of equity and disproportionality learning materials that invites the community to learn and take action

The team's work is being funded by a five-year grant from the California Department of Education. As part of the grant, the South County SELPA was chosen to participate in the California Statewide System of Support and serve as the content lead to help SELPAs across the state reduce disproportionality and improve equity. The grant has nine deliverables that fall under the categories of awareness, action, and scale, including training, data tools, and an intervention framework.

For more information, visit the project website