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 Five Reasons You Should Follow @SanDiegoCOE

Sometimes it can feel like all you see is bad news online, or ads. Lots of ads. 

The San Diego County Office of Education understands, which is why we use our online platforms to spread positive news about the students, teachers, and schools in your community and share important information that you need, when you need it. 

Here are just five reasons to follow @SanDiegoCOE on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

  1. Positive School News — Every day, we tweet about the latest local and state-wide education news from preschool to college, highlighting the amazing things happening in classrooms across the county. 
  2. Emergency Information — In the event of an emergency, SDCOE’s communications team goes live on Twitter sharing up-to-the-minute school closure details. 
  3. Opportunities — Job openings, professional learning opportunities, and news that impacts educators are shared on LinkedIn to help you in your career goals. 
  4. Events and Videos — Short, fun, informational videos known as Teachable Moments, along with events, national recognition days, and photos are posted in our Facebook feed.
  5. Connection — See the people behind the scenes at SDCOE and really connect with us. We follow teachers, schools, districts, and student groups to see all the amazing things happening around the county on all of the platforms. 

Join us in staying engaged and connected through social media, and be sure to say “hi” with a like, double tap, share, comment, or mention. 

@SanDiegoCOE on Twitter

San Diego County Office of Education on LinkedIn

@SanDiegoCOE on Facebook

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